Praise for Lone Wolf Terrorism: Understanding the Growing Threat


“A clear, convincing analysis of the emerging ‘Technological Wave’ of international terrorism in the modern world. . . . Simon exposes the innovative role of the individual terrorist who answers only to himself and is not constrained by groupthink. This is the one book on terrorism that every citizen should read.”


—Jean E. Rosenfeld, editor of Terrorism, Identity and Legitimacy



“[An] unsettling look into how the current political and technological landscape has radicalized and empowered dangerous individuals. . . . Simon does a fine job separating unfounded fears from true threats.”


Publishers Weekly



“A wake-up call to those who view terrorism solely as a threat that comes from large groups acting through well-organized networks. . . . Understanding the threat from lone wolf terrorists greatly improves our ability to combat the threat that confronts us.”


—David L. Boren, longest serving chairman of the US Senate Intelligence Committee and current president of the University of Oklahoma


“[This] is one of those rare books on terrorism that actually contains original research and thinking. . . . Simon’s book should be required reading both for general readers and for law enforcement. . . . Truly groundbreaking research.”


—Steven Emerson,  executive director, Investigative Project on Terrorism, and author of Jihad Incorporated 



“A most lucid, concise, revealing, and fascinating analysis of the lone wolf—an intermittent feature of modern terror since the 1880s. . . . Everyone interested in terrorism will recognize the importance of this classic study.”


—David Rapoport, founder and coeditor of the Journal of Terrorism and Political Violence and author of The Four Waves of Modern Terror



“This book is a must-read for anybody who wants to understand one of the foremost threats of our time. . . . [A] coherent and clear presentation about this important aspect of terrorism.”


—Richard Sandor,  author of Good Derivatives



“A lively and well-paced overview of a subject that is attracting increasing attention.”


—John Mueller, coauthor of Terror, Security, and Money



“One sort of terrorist not so susceptible to drones — or any other form of detection and apprehension — is the self-motivated lone wolf acting without instructions from a central command. Simon’s book is a lucid survey of the phenomenon. . . .”


—Foreign Affairs



“Lone Wolf Terrorism fills a niche in terrorism studies with a comprehensive work that has been needed for a long time. Jeffrey Simon points out that to wreak havoc the modern day lone wolf no longer has to fire a gun or build a bomb. He can do considerable damage via technology by hacking computers or stealing and distributing personal information. . . . Mr. Simon’s Lone Wolf Terrorism will rightfully find a place on the shelf of every terrorism researcher.”


—New York Journal of Books



“Lone Wolf Terrorism: Understanding the Growing Threat comes from an internationally renowned terrorism expert who presents the first in-depth treatment of the issue, and who considers the motivations and backgrounds of lone-wolf terrorists. From how the Internet has fostered this style of terrorism to the innovative strategies being developed to identify and present this type of terrorism, this is packed with insights using the author’s decades of experience studying terrorism, and is a must for any studying the topic.”


—Midwest Book Review



“ . . . an important contribution to the study of “lone wolf” terrorism . . . .”


—Perspectives on Terrorism



“. . . . well-researched and informative book. . . .”


—Diplomatic Courier Magazine



“Jeffrey Simon’s book, Lone Wolf Terrorism, is one of the first books specifically devoted to a phenomenon that has garnered increased attention in policy, practitioner and academic circles over the past couple of years. For this reason alone, it offers a timely illustration of who these actors are, the factors that make them dangerous and the possible strategies that could be used to help mitigate their threat. The series of illustrative case studies that Simon provides in each chapter are particularly valuable. . . . Simon’s book is a good introduction into the key case studies that any budding student or researcher should be made aware of. . . . Simon should be congratulated on contributing to the debate on this topic that has received ever-increasing focus from policymakers, practitioners and researchers alike.”


—Crime, Law, and Social Change



“Jeffrey Simon provides us with an excellent book describing the modern history of lone wolf terrorism, their operation and their possible future . . . . Simon’s book is an extremely informative and readable overview that gives an opportune reminder that, not only can terrorism be homegrown, but you don’t need to be Al Qaeda to carry out acts of terror.”


—New Books in Terrorism and Organized Crime



“Simon, who has more than a quarter century of experience studying terrorism, examines the motivations and backgrounds of those who strike terror on their own, independent of an organized group”


—Washingtonian Magazine