CNN Tonight: The New Face of Terror

Here is an interview I did with Stephanie Elam on CNN Tonight:
“The New Face of Terror”

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The Diplomatic Courier

The recent review of my book on lone wolf terrorism by The Diplomatic Courier:

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BBC Radio Interview

Here is the interview I did with BBC radio:

Listen to the BBC Radio interview.

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Bloomberg TV Interview

– Portions of an interview I did on Bloomberg TV yesterday about the Boston bombings:

What happens next if suspect is caught alive?

Were boston bombing suspects planning more attacks?

Does boston bombing suspects behavior fit a pattern?

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Foreign article: An Army of One – What makes lone-wolf terrorists so dangerous?

Here is an article that just got posted on the Foreign web site:


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Interview with on Lone Wolf Terrorism

Here is an interview I did with about my book, Lone Wolf Terrorism: Understanding the Growing Threat:


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Q&A on Lone Wolf Terrorism

Here is a Q&A I did with UCLA Today concerning the threat of lone wolf terrorism:


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Review from Publishers Weekly

Here is a review of my new book, LONE WOLF TERRORISM: UNDERSTANDING THE GROWING THREAT from Publishers Weekly:

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